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December 02, 2022

The effectiveness of taking minoxidil to remove facial hair needs to be better supported by research. In Bangkok, Thailand's Mae Fah Luang University Hospital, a group of researchers from the dermatology department and the school of anti-aging and regenerative medicine examined and surveyed the usage of minoxidil on the face. They were trying to determine to what extent minoxidil can safely promote beard hair growth.

They presented their findings in a letter to the editor of the Dermatology journal of the Japanese Dermatological Association. The letter was titled "Efficacy and safety of minoxidil 3% lotion for beard enhancement: A randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled study."

The research team concluded that using a lotion containing only 3% minoxidil is secure and efficient for promoting beard hair growth. The thing is, minoxidil is helpful for speeding beard development when compared to a placebo and has minimal negative effects.

It is also excellent for enhancing eyebrow hair, according to a different study on "Minoxidil 2% lotion for eyebrow enhancement" in addition to scalp hair. Hair on the beard and eyebrows, however, differs. To further clarify, the safe and effective concentration of topical minoxidil lotion for the development of eyebrow hair is 2%.

How Long Would It Take To See a Fuller Beard?

There is no set timeframe during which you will notice or enjoy fuller beard development. You must exercise patience as the hair-growth process takes time. Within four to six months, your beard can start to grow. A year may also be added to this time frame.

A larger beard may develop within 2 to 7 years if minoxidil is used consistently and regularly.

Things to Remember before Using Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Many guys are now using minoxidil to grow their beards. So, in recent years, its demand has dramatically increased. The following considerations should be made, though, before taking it:

1. It Is Not Approved to Be Used on the Face

FDA approval for application to the face to promote beard growth is still pending. Only the vertex, a particular area of the scalp at the top of the head, has undergone testing and received approval for treatment of hair loss. Men who are experiencing hair loss or baldness should use a solution of minoxidil that is only 2 to 5 percent.

2. It Is Effective If Used as Prescribed

If used as directed, minoxidil can promote beard growth, but it only works while you're indeed following prescriptions consistently. Your hair recovers to its previous state after you stop using it. It would stop stimulating hair growth while being used, and any hair that did grow might fall off.

3. It Harbors a Certain Insight from Johnson & Johnson

In 2000, Johnson & Johnson purchased Rogaine. They were contacted by a group from the Arocha Hair Restoration & Transplant Center to get their opinion on using minoxidil on the face. They claim that the face shouldn't be treated with this medication. For the purpose of reducing hair loss, their guidance restricts the application to the vertex of the scalp.


Applying minoxidil to the face to promote beard growth has not been shown or disproven by any compelling evidence. Only one study, and that too with a 3% solution, suggested that it might indeed improve beard hair.

That said, before utilizing minoxidil for your beard growth, you must consult your dermatologist for exact instructions on its application.

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